Medley – A Print Portfolio

As its name suggests Medley is a compilation collection of feature print designs with differing influences from various cultures. The collection consists of six designs and each showcase abold feature design.

Flowerbomb – inspired by a traditional oil painting of an English Garden, all are set against a dark background and printed on a soft touch chenille.


Alchemy – A modern floral design of water colour technique. With rich jewel toned colours printed on a cotton velvet.


Botanica – A tropical leaf design, with colours ranging from a garden night scene to a French shabby chic in soft Dusk.


Soumakh – This design is separated to reflect an aged patina and printed on matelasse to given a woven texture and feel. Colours include rich red and charcoal.


Kuba – An ethic African design printed on a heavy cotton. Ochre & indigo mixed with brown gives this fabric the look of kuba cloth.

Anthropology – This design is taken from an original ottoman rug. Available in three colours, antique, watermelon and denim.