Jacob Interiors (UK) Ltd. TERMS OF TRADING. 

1) Design & Specification.

a) We provide one hour free of charge for the initial consultation. If further work is required in order to produce designs and quotations, a charge will be placed on this work, which is payable in advance.
Please Note// The customer will be notified in advance of any changes. Nothing will be done without the customers’ prior agreement.

b) Drawings supplied by Jacob Interiors (UK) Ltd display the design, detail and dimensions of the piece/project which remain the property of Jacob Interiors (UK) Ltd

c) Drawings must be signed as approved and quotation value agreed and received by us, either via email or in the post before the project can begin.

d) Please be aware that most furniture is made from organic materials and dimensions must be accepted as approximate. All materials have the capacity for expansion and contraction and this can amount to several millimeters over a piece.

Please Take the Time to check ALL details, dimensions and information before providing your signature for approval. Alterations made later will incur extra cost.

e) FINISHES: The customer will be required to supply a sample of the preferred finish / colour. We do not guarantee a 100% perfect match. Colours/shades may vary but paints can be produced from most colour cards such as RAL, BS, Farrow & Ball, Dulux, etc.

f) UPHOLSTERY: If we are required to use the client’s own fabric, they must supply a sample of the proposed fabric, preferably at the quoting stage but definitely prior to the placing of the order.

g) CABINET WORK: As we use many variations of solid woods, veneers and manufactured materials please appreciate: (i) Colours may vary (ii) Sizes stated are approximate (iii) Fittings & catches sometimes require adjustment when the piece of furniture is moved to various positions and with use, this is not the responsibility of Jacob Interiors (UK) Ltd. (iv) Although we store our solid timbers and manmade materials in a temperature controlled environment before production, movement and shrinkage can take place when exposed to varying conditions. This is not the responsibility of Jacob Interiors (UK) Ltd.

2)  Payment terms & ordering process.

a) For your order to be processed, a 50% deposit of the full vat inclusive invoice is required as cleared funds in the Jacob Interiors UK account. Once the order has been processed, i.e. Materials ordered, the deposit becomes nonrefundable

b) On completion of the order, the customer will be notified and are welcome to visit our premises to check the finished item. We are able to email photographs of the finished item(s) if a visit is not possible.

PLEASE NOTE: The full balance is due within 5 working days of notification of completion (interest may be charged if payment is not received on time). Balance payments must be viewed as cleared funds before delivery or pick up can take place.

c) Payment options:
1) BACS (direct transfer into our account) free of charge
2) Card payments will incur an extra 3% charge.

d) Items must be signed as received in good condition on delivery by an authorized person.

e) Any damage or discrepancies must be made clear via email within 24 hours after delivery.

3. Storage

Where the customer is not able to take delivery of the goods, a quotation for storage can be provided, if the workshop can accommodate at the time. The fee will be quoted in writing and payable prior to release of goods.

4. Delivery / Pickup

a) Transport of goods may be carried out by the client; however, Jacob Interiors (UK) Ltd will be happy to provide quotations for delivery of goods by our own vehicle and staff. Please ask for a quotation before before placing your order if this is required.

b) We will also be happy to quote for delivery via a dedicated courier.

c) If access is delayed through no fault of Jacob Interiors (UK) Ltd, delivery will be re-scheduled and re-charged. Our staff will wait up to 15 minutes after agreed delivery time for late arrival of the customer. Telephone notification would be appreciated.

d) It is the responsibility of the client to ensure clear and safe access for the delivery of goods. If the access is deemed unsafe (for goods or personnel), by the staff concerned, delivery will be re-scheduled and re-charged

e) If the client organizes pick up of goods, by courier or other, no responsibility will be taken by Jacob Interiors (UK) Ltd for goods during loading, transport and delivery. The client agrees to accept the courier’s signature as authorised.

Please note:

1) All goods remain the property of Jacob Interiors (UK) Ltd until paid for in full.

2) All agreements, written and emailed, form a legal and binding agreement.

All accounts beyond our credit terms will be passed to our debt collection agency, Sinclair, Goldberg Price Ltd. All accounts, without exception, will be subject to a surcharge of 15% plus vat to cover our costs in recovery. These accounts will also be subject to any legal costs incurred in obtaining settlement.

f) By approving quotations & drawings and by paying a deposit, you are agreeing to the terms & conditions above.

This stands as an agreement between Jacob Interiors (UK) Ltd and our client.


This stands as an agreement between Jacob Interiors (UK) Ltd and our client.


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