Bespoke Upholstery Services

Put simply , Jacob Bespoke Furniture will Design & Produce the furniture you need.

We will produce upholstered furniture for every room in your home and make each piece to your exact requirements.

Considering everything, from which type of filling provides your best comfort to how deep you need the seat.

In fact, we look at the ergonomics of the entire piece in relation to your personal needs and bespoke produce it in the style and finish you love.

On the subject & style, it is important to note that we house one of the most extensive fabric collections in the country, offering a choice from thousands of fabrics in every style, colour & texture imaginable.

From lounge sofas, to headboards to wall panels, we can help.
(We also offer this level of flexibility in our Bespoke Cabinet Making Service)

Please feel free to call or email to see just how easy this process can be, and of course , it is without obligation.’