The Future’s Bright

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these truly are uncertain, scary times for every country across the world, both economically and for the physical and mental well being of their citizens. However, its absolutely amazing to see people pull together and support each other at such times of crisis from a 99 year old WWII Veteran raising upwards of £12 million for our NHS hero’s by completing 100 laps of his garden with a walking to frame to each and every person abiding by the government guidelines.

The current lockdown, self-isolation and the drastic changes that has occurred in the past weeks is bound to have a detrimental effect to your mental health. Not being able to do the simple things in life such as a bit of retail therapy or nipping to the pub with your mates is going to get you feeling ‘down in the dumps’. However, it is so vital that you maintain a positive outlook, keep a routine to keep your mind & body active and most importantly, plan & look to the future, as we will all be back to normal before you know it.

Looking to the future…

As we have a little ‘down time’, as well as getting on with producing current jobs until we are able to deliver & install them, we are putting our heads together and coming up with ways to improve our skills, facilities and services for the future.

Firstly, we have been building our knowledge of new & more updated systems to create an incredible array of textured finishes and artwork such as 3D carvings. This is done using the new Alphacam system purchased in conjunction with our brand-new Felder 5 Axis CNC Router. It allows us to create 3D drawings in Alphacam and easily transfer them onto our machine, producing the finished component.

We have also been conducting research on fresh, exiting materials for both structure and finish. One system we are particularly interested in is liquid metal finishing. With this technique the possibilities of creating stunning, real metal textures are endless. From silver to gold, from a 3D touch to a smooth surface, adding this appearance to your furniture is the future!!

Please, Please, Please Keep Safe, Stay Positive & Support Our NHS.